THANK YOU ANDREA!!! Throughout the many years DJ Universal Inc Montreal has received many thank you letters and appreciation emails from our clients.

Thought we enjoyed live music very much and there’s nothing like having live musicians at your wedding, there are some songs we just want to hear their original version. So going for a dj, some referred us this energetic Italian DJ Universal AKA Andrea Guido. Like any other music lover, I was Skeptical. I wanted to make absolutely sure this was top notch and he understood our musical needs and at this point, I can very well say MY MUSICAL NEEDS!! It was important for Phil as well, but I am usually the one in charge of music when we host a party and I always make sure my music list is a crowd pleaser that includes novelty and oldies. To me, it is important the person in charge of the music psychologically analyses the crowd and feeds in the music that it needs. If folks are tiring out the dance floor and loosing their mojo during a song, I expect the DJ to switch it up to another song. If everyone is up dancing and singing the lyrics of the song playing I expect the DJ to let it roll out enough for everyone to be satisfied and done with the song before moving on. I want presence and interactivity (but not a fan of too many games either). On top of it my dj must speak French, English, and Italian.


DJ Universal delivered all of that and with a bag of chips. He was very organised and patient with all my questions. He is fluent in all three languages and he has extremely good knowledge of the Italian repertoire, old and new songs, not just a tarantella’s. To top it all off, I had asked the priest if I could play a song by the Beatles while we all walked down the aisle and It was approved. So Andrea happily did sound testing at the church months before to be sure everything ran smoothly and set up speakers the day of our wedding to play the original song by the Beatle: Something.Throughout the evening of our wedding Andrea and his team checked in with us multiple times to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. He was on schedule with everything we had planned for the night and most importantly, he got the party started as soon at dinner began and made it last all the way into wee hours of the morning. 3:30 Am to be precise. I have never dance so much in my life, especially considering I Hadn’t eaten very much due to the excitement.Andrea is a thunder bolt of energy when he has the microphone on the dance floor and yet calm, and confident when setting up his equipment and checking with you which is quiet reassuring. Also, he knows how to dress a part! 😊

I highly recommend him and his team. Thank you ANDREA!!!!
Ivana and Phil, June 20th, 2015

the best DJ EVER ANDREA!!!!! Your team is the best DJ EVER!!!! They made our wedding happen. We love the Spunk, their charm and attention to detail. The lifting of the chairs at the beginning was fantastic! They are Fantastic!!!!!

We will recommend your company to anyone.

Cynthis and Christopher¸ June 14th, 2014

We had an amazing time Hi Andrea,

You may not remember me because I got married in 2011. You were my dj at my wedding. Just today I was looking at my wedding video and I said I wonder if he has any sites of Facebook and I found you. Still today we talk about the amazing dj we had. We had an amazing time and I’d like to thank you again. We wish you the best in all you do. By the way if this helps, I married a guy from Italy and moved to Italy.

Take care!
Sonia and Antonio¸ July 28th, 2013

une journée mémorable Andrea

Ton professionnalisme et ton sense de la fête ont vraiment contribué à faire de notre mariage une journée mémorable. Tout était parfait de notre entrée dans la salle a la dernière danse.

Sylvain et Geneviève

professional Dear Andrea

We would like to thank you for sending your team of BJ AKA (BIJOU) and Bryan to our wedding. They were professional, energetic, and fun the day or our wedding.
Madilyn and Fernando, July 19th, 2009

amazing job Dear Andrea

Thank you very much for the amazing job you did entertaining our guests on our wedding in September.You make a huge difference in the fun factor and we always talk about what a great job you did and how much fun we had.
Steve and Sabrina

People said it was the best wedding ever Dear Andrea

Many thanks to you, Frank and Alessandro, for making our wedding dinner and dance a great show. People said it was the best wedding ever. The music was great as was the lighting and entertainment.

Best regards
Knutt and John, July 13th, 2010

You guys really made the party Hi Andrea

I think you may be in Italy right now and I hope you have an amazing trip. I wanted to thank you so much for such a great job at our wedding. You guys really made the party and Daniel and I couldn’t have been happier with everything. In fact we feel that we would not have changed anything about the day it self; it was a great day. Again, a big thank you for all your work.

I can’t tell you how many people came up afterwards to compliment you and ask about the company. I have friend getting married in May 2013 who will probably be giving you a call.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, I know you are probably really busy. We hope to see you at upcoming weddings in the future.

Take care!
Kristin and Daniel Heckersbruch, July 13th, 2010

HEEEY BABY!! Dear Andrea

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for playing such special part of our wedding day. Your passion + enthusiasm for music and entertainment really showed in the work you did for us. From the moment that we met until the end of our wedding day your attention to details was phenomenal. Even now family and friends still mention to us how much they loved our reception because of you. Every time we hear HEEEY BABY!! song we think of that night. We are very happy we chose you and we cannot thank you enough for the great memories.

Christine and Danny, June 7th, 2008


Words cannot describe how much fun we had at our wedding YOU AND YOUR TEAM ROCK!! Thank you so much for your hard work & entertainment. I haven’t seen a better DJ EVER!!!!

Take care!! See you soon!
Sabrina and Adam, Michigan U.S.A

a day that we will never forget!! Andrea

Thank you for making September 25th, 2004, a day that we will never forget!! You and your team did a wonderful job.
Maria and Gianluca

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